And I'm addicted to branding.
Creative director, strategic storyteller, designer by origin. Jessica has led breakthrough, brand-defining work for a full alphabet of companies from Aetna to Westinghouse. She’s still in the market for a Z- client. Zappos? Zillow? Zoom? She’s ready.

Known for contributing big ideas at big moments, Jessica is a vibrant and visionary creative partner who has spent over 20 years bringing innovation and experiential storytelling to life for diverse brands in diverse industries. With boundless curiosity and abundant energy, she draws from deep experience shaping meaningful market-edge brand perspective for consumer products, retail, technology, B2B, B2C, healthcare, and nonprofits.

With a passion for creative that holds its own from backroom to boardroom, she is currently perched as Creative Director at Finch Brands, where she joined forces nearly seven years ago as a fellow champion of purposeful change. With Finch, she is a driving force for transformative design work, leading a core creative team and playing key roles as concept developer, client advisor, hands-on designer, art director, copywriter, and idea cultivator. At heart, she is a team leader whose forecast always calls for brainstorms, relentless wordplay, and creative solutions that consistently communicate and inspire.