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CMI Media Group
With a 30+ year legacy, CMI is well-established as a full-service media agency for some of the world’s largest healthcare companies. CMI spent those decades inside the healthcare provider (HCP) media space. But growing into “mega agency” status meant expanding into healthcare’s consumer (DTC) territory, prompting a logo change, brand refresh, and a bold new vision for what’s possible inside the world of healthcare media.
Creative direction | BRAND STRATEGY | Art direction | copywriting
Penn Community Bank
With an unstoppable growth philosophy, Penn Community Bank needed to educate people about how mutual banks make a difference. Neighborhood-inspired gridwork, meaningful iconography, and uplifting imagery connected a full range of campaign materials—including print, video, digital, and out of home. PCB captured additional market share with consumer audiences and commercial clients, and that sparked branch and territory expansion. Cue the "Here We Grow" moments for everyone.
Creative direction | Art direction | Copywriting
Any story worth telling is worth telling with bigger, bolder, and broader swagger. Inside the world of financial services technology, the IT pioneer, ECI (Eze Castle Integration), was ready to reintroduce the brand as a partner in business transformation. With an evolved look and feel that electrifies botanical growth textures, ECI captured fresh ground by spotlighting the role it plays in generating client success stories. The high-energy brand gets to the point fast. It speaks directly to client needs and wants. And it inspires with a direct path to innovation.
Creative direction | Brand Strategy | copywriting | Art direction
The storage industry seems functional—until you uncover the deep emotional investment people have in the things they store. Customers arriving at CubeSmart's 1,200+ US locations are often facing life upheavals, big moves, and tumultuous times—and they all want the reassurance of a clean, friendly, and secure self-storage destination. Leading with “more heart” as a unifying principle, we built emotional connections across signage, video, social media, internal brand communications, and out of home. Heartfelt storage stories emerged, and CubeSmart reminded all that it’s what’s inside that counts.
Creative direction | Brand Strategy | art direction | copywriting | design
mystic aquarium
Modeled as true publications with compelling editorial content, the outreach of Mystic Aquarium stimulates community, academic, and professional support for this Connecticut institution.
Art direction | DESIGN
five below brand development
Admission is free. Everything else, $1 to $5. In 2002, the previous owners of Zany Brainy toys had a big idea but needed a face for it—so George’s face value stretched to hot new levels while a degree symbol took over the “o" inside the logo. Soon, Five Below's wild success and sheer volume of cool stuff had outgrown the original store design. Dimensional signage bumped out in Version 2.0, adding shopper-friendly, chaos-busting, color-coded categories. Today, Five Below has over 1,200 locations and offers an expanded take on buying power that’s still all about the Washingtons.
Creative direction | Art direction | Copywriting | Design
As the leading US retail propane supplier, AmeriGas keeps households and enterprises running across the country. But the brand was stuck on "the how"—showing tanker trucks on highways instead of emphasizing the important role AmeriGas plays in the day-to-day lives of customers. Enter propane that’s pro-you. As an organizing principle, external tagline, and creative platform—the pro-you energy shifted the entire brand, placing customers at the center. With a clearly defined brand strategy, AmeriGas built on established strengths while identifying a decisive way forward with a powerful commitment to customer service.
Creative direction | Art direction | Copywriting | Storyboarding
cynch by AmeriGas
In a move to expand convenience, access, and its customer base, AmeriGas seized an opportunity to put its own propane tank delivery service on the map. Instantly, the hassle of driving home with a tank tumbling around in the trunk became a distant memory. Cynch rolled out to needy backyard grills everywhere, with an endorsed brand architecture and a journey-based visual vocabulary in place. After its 2019 launch, Cynch entered 18 geographic markets and doubled its tank goal and budget by year one.
Creative direction | Art direction | Copywriting
Blending the spirit of invention with real-time color theory, Colorlab's cosmetics simply do not exist until you walk up to the counter and invent your very own custom shades. Maximum personalization. Maximum ownership. The marks of custom creation take shape as scrawled formula annotations and color associations powerful enough to lead individual beauty forward.
Creative direction | Art direction | Copywriting | DESIGN
franklin farms
Known by the Nature's Soy name within select Asian markets, Keystone Natural Holdings was ready to extend its product reach to mainstream consumers by introducing a modern, plant-based protein brand. Post-acquisition, the “Franklin Farms” brand came to life, with a look and feel that simplified a complex message and unpacked the visual variety within plant-based eating. Veggies spin out into radial patterns, hero-ing actual plant ingredients inside the products. After all, seeing is believing.
Creative direction | Art direction | PackagING Design
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